Is This A Way To Leverage The Massive User Base Of SnapChat For The Recruiting Industry?


So, not too long ago I mentioned trying to use Snapchat as a way to engage with potential candidates in my article titled What’s The Root Of Your Sourcing Woes?. The problem was trying to figure out how to use the platform to gain viewership and positive candidate engagement. released an article that gives what I believe to be, a great way to implement snapchat into a brand’s employer branding campaign. It involves using a Geofilter and a customized template.

Please take a look and let me know if what they’ve outlined seems like a strategy that could potentially benefit your employer brand initiatives. I’d be willing to try it out, who knows, maybe I will!


recruited on snapchat.PNG

Which Apps Are On Your Smartphone?

Hi everyone! So… with all of the talk around mobile recruiting and social media strategies for talent acquisition, I thought it would be a great idea to see which mobile apps people tend to have on their phones.

This isn’t necessarily restricted to other people in the same industry as me, I see this as a chance to collect some interesting data around what people are using on their phones. Popular apps should be the focus of serious recruiting and sourcing professionals since this is how you can get to engage with potential candidates. I mentioned Snapchat in my last article but what other apps could potentially offer up a great way to interact with talent pools and otherwise hard to reach candidates?